How to beat the office shark ?

office shark

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Beware—perhaps at the desk just next to yours—sits a ferocious terrifying beast, the land shark, an aggressive, scary, vicious colleague who preys on team-mates.

Is there anything you can do about this office shark? Several LinkedIn Influencers weighed in on these topics this week. Here’s what two of them had to say.

Aaron Harris, Chief Marketing Officer at Your Traffic Hits –

“Like a white killer machine, office sharks usually prey on people they know they can dominate. They are silent beings that would aggressively pounce on any prey,” wrote Harris in his post What Is An Office Shark? “Since they are usually the higher-ups of the office, they know that they have the power to pulverise a team mate.”

Office sharks tend to be far too authoritative, strict and egotistical, he wrote. “But just like any other kinds of office mates, you can deal with these people if you know what to do,” wrote Harris.

He offers three ways to fight back. Among them:

Don’t let them smell blood. Fear is the thing that makes these sharks aggressive,” he wrote. “Never falter in front of them. Show them that you can work things out smoothly while they irritate you with their presence.”

Swim away. As much as possible, never meddle with their affairs unless you need to,” Harris advised. “Keep (your) distance and keep an eye out.”

If you think you are prey, outsmart them. Don’t play office politics. Instead just do your job with excellence,” he wrote. “Show your office shark that you can play by the rules.”

So the next time the office shark comes to you, be prepared to give it right back at ’em!


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