6 tips to make your CV stand out

A meticulously drafted CV is the best way to catch the attention of a hiring manger. It is the first advocate of your candidature for your dream role.


So, let’s see what goes in to the making of a CV, that will hold the interest of your HM. Here are 6 great tips :

  1.  Highlight your skills:
    You may have vast experience and diverse skill sets, but it’s all about highlighting what you are best at. It is advisable to mention your skills and areas of expertise at the beginning of your CV, so that a recruiter can easily identify if your profile can be considered for a possible opportunity.
  2. Sections:
    It is recommended that you divide your CV broadly into different sections.

    Start off with a Career Synopsis/Summary, followed by Work Experience or Employment History. Skills or Areas of Expertise, Awards/Recognition (at work), Education, Personal Details and References sections may be added in that order. The different sections should highlight all the necessary qualities that your potential employer is looking for.

    Most employers find Languages (unless the job posted is such that the languages spoken matter a lot, eg. translator), Hobbies, etc irrelevant. You may avoid these, under normal circumstances.

    Your achievements from school may be left out and the top few achievements related to the field applied for, should be stated. When stating your achievements, it is always best to quantify them, so that the recruiter has a clear picture of your contribution to the achievement.

  3. Size:
    When it comes to size – LESS is MORE. Ideally you want to keep your CV to 4 pages or less. A CV should not be too short or too long. Anywhere between 500 & 700 words on your CV is standard.
  4.  Be super-thorough:
    Whatever you do, nothing looks worse at an interview more than someone who is uncertain when questioned about ones’ employment dates, achievements or responsibilities. Be absolutely thorough with everything in your CV.
  1. Cover letter:
    Always make sure to send a personalised cover letter when applying for a position. Gather as much information about the company and the role as possible, before drafting a cover letter. If possible, try to find the name of the manager whom you need to address the letter to. Use LinkedIn to check if you have any common connections.
  1. Social Media Profile:
    This is one aspect that can make or break you. It is highly recommended that your LinkedIn profile be linked to your CV. If you are a designer, link your online portfolios, Personal Websites or Blogs. If you are a developer linking your Github/Stack Overflow profiles would be advisable.

So, what are you waiting for ? Get ready to get HIRED !

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2 thoughts on “6 tips to make your CV stand out

  1. Yvonne McQuarrie on Reply

    Thanks for great tips! The last two of them tend to be underestimated among job seekers, and it’s quite sad. A cover letter is a kind of interview written from the first person, and it raises the chances pretty good. Social media profile is highly recommended as it shows the way a person communicates and general appearance. Such steps shouldn’t be omitted during the development of your CV.

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